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The Environment

    If we all evolved from the same stuff, isn't anything we do just as natural as what other species do?  Isn't it natural for us to do whatever it takes to survive with no concern for other species?  That is what all the other animals of the world do.  They don't worry about another animal when they eat it, the eat it to survive.  Why should we worry about cutting down trees when it is only for us to survive.  We have two choices and no more: survive as a species or die as a species.  We have evolved to the top by killing those below us (remember the lower humanoids, we sure did kill them off in Europe), so why should we stop now?  Extinction due to human activity is no less natural than any other extinction because we all are natural.  The only effect humans have on the environment is the one that humans have evolved to have.  The ability to think is just a random thing that came to us so we could find new ways to make ourselves better and evolve further.
    On the other hand, if we were created and the world was given to us, we have a real reason to take care of it the best we can.  Whatever we do is still natural, but it is a different type of nature.  We have more of a responsibility to both use and protect the resources we have.  Genesis says that humanity was given dominion over all animal life on Earth, meaning that humans have both the right to use animals in any way we need to for survival, and the responsibility to protect those animals for the future.  Humans are not required to protect them all from destruction, but we have been given the ability to do so.  But at the same time there is a higher power, and He has full control over nature.  He promised that as long as the world existed, there would be four seasons.
    Nature just showed humans everywhere that we are meaningless to it.  It did in a few hours what we couldn't do in a decade.  Nature harmed itself and killed humans.  Forget the harm to nature and think about the people killed.  Some people must like to blame themselves for every little problem.  I've been waiting for this to be blamed on human activity.  It can't be blamed on humans by any reasonable person.  Nature is not all nice and peaceful.  Volcanos put out more pollution than all the cars in the world.  Waves kill hundreds of thousands of humans and send who knows how many thousands of species into extinction.  That sewage that is now in the water is not just from humans, but all the surviving animals that are around the area.
    My point is that we do nothing to the environment compared to nature.  Those who think we do must think we are super powerful or something.  We are just people.  We live with nature, in nature, and die with nature and return to the dust we came from.  So with all this talk of the animals, I just wanted to remind everyone that the number of humans killed may reach a quarter of a million in the next few days.  They were just people.  They were not hurting anybody.  They were just living their lives.  Nobody can be blamed, maybe the Devil.  Life goes on for us, but not for those people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It could be anybody at any time. 

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