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Media Regulation

    The other day I was taking a political quiz to see if I was conservative or liberal.  One of the questions asked if I thought talk radio should be regulated to ensure fairness.  All I can say is that if anybody over eighth grade clicks that it should be regulated, they should be quickly escorted to Cuba!  Regulation of the media to ensure fairness is a clear violation of the First Amendment!  You just can't do it.  What is fair?  Well, to Liberals, fair would be a balance of the extremes.  The terrorists and the USMC would be give equal importance in such a world.  Conservative regulation would be to have no regulation at all.  See the problem.  You have the Left, which goes around protecting "civil rights", wanting to stomp the US Constitution again.
    Remember, next time you express an opinion, nobody can tell you what to think.  In the USA, you are free to think as you please.  But don't forget, you have that right because of the US Constitution and a bunch of Christians that worked together to write it so even the non-Christians would be free.
Don't forget.

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