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Rules of Aquaria

These are the rules of keeping fish that will always be true, no matter what!  You must never break these rules.  If you do break these rules, there could be problems.

  1. Don't pour gasoline in the fish tank and throw in a match.
  2. You can't take a fish out of water for too long or it will dry out.
  3. Don't keep a fish that can both walk and eat humans.
  4. Hammers + Glass aquariums = wet floor.
  5. When a fish is longer than the tank, the tank is not as long as the fish.
  6. What works for you works for you, what works for me works for me, but my way is always better.
  7. When doing water changes, don't confuse the soap and dechlorinator.
  8. Never put more than one foot of fish per gallon of water in your tank.  That would be too much.
  9. The more medicine you use, the less pain your fish will feel.  They will be dead, but they won't feel pain.
10. Lock the guy at the fish store in a closet.

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