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    I think most people would agree that terrorists are bad people.  This might surprise most people, but some terrorists are not bad.  There are two kinds of terrorist.  One is a freedom fighter, battling an oppressive regime to gain independence.  America was born because of the actions of such people.  Mr. Gibson made a movie that showed the kinds of things American irregulars did in the 1770's and 1780's to terrorize the British troops.
    The second type of terrorist is pure evil.  He is the kind of person that would be as happy to attack soldiers as civilians.  This type of terrorist does not always carry a weapon.  They don't want freedom, they already have that.  They don't want money, they already have that.  What do they want?  They want to terrorize innocent people into giving up their freedoms.
    I keep hearing some extremists call the US a terrorist nation.  I say they are right!  We will terrorize the oppressive regimes of the world as long as they exist and wherever they are.  We will find them, and free them.  I have no personal problem with nations run by dictators.  I just think those nations' citizens should be able to elect their dictators in a fair election. 
So next time you hear us described as terrorists, proudly say,

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