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    Fishkeeping, or Aquaria, is not just a hobby.  It is a way to keep pets in a small space.  Like any other pet, many fish have personalities.  You don't have to feed them as much, and it isn't as easy to pet them, but they can be more fun.  You might even train them to do tricks and eat from your fingers.
    But I want to warn you of two things.  Fishkeeping is hard work.  You can't just throw a fish in a box of water and expect it to live.  It takes a lot of thought and planning to set up a tank.  You should also know that it is very addictive.  One tank will soon turn to a half dozen, and maybe even an entire room filled with fish tanks.
    This site is dedicated to spreading knowledge and ideas related to aquaria.  I started keeping fish around 2001.  I made a lot of mistakes, so a lot of this site is about starting a tank.  I have learned a lot from reading books from as far back as the 1960's to more current books.  I have also learned a lot from on-line forums.  You can't really know for sure the information you get on-line is true, but I think they are very helpful to learning.  Just forget the junk and read more books!
I hope you enjoy this web site.  Thank you for stopping by.


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