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Please visit: What is Simutrans?
    These buildings were made by me for use in a game called Simutrans.  For more information about this game, please visit the official forum at http://forum.simutrans.com  Simutrans is a free simulation game where you must use trains, trucks, and ships to transport goods, people, and mail all over a simulated world.  Please support this game by downloading it.  To keep up with advances in monitor resolution technology, a second "image set" has been created as a suppliment to go with the game.  More can be found at the 128 Website.
    I take no credit for the game itself, only the images below on this page.  Any use of these images outside of the game is not allowed.  Not all buildings included on this page will be included in the official version of the game.  This is a temporary solution and this page could be removed at any time.
    Older images will be moved to another page to keep this one easy to view.  To view older images made by me, CLICK HERE.

For the latest stable version, please visit the FORUM.  Once there, you can download the exe file for your system, pak64 for base files, and pak128, pak Germany, or pak Japan.  There may be other files needed, and that is explained.

Vehicles for Simutrans 128
These are compressed files.  To use them, unzip them and you will find .pak files.  Move the .pak files into the 128x128 pak directory (pak128 is default) inside the main simutrans folder.  See the forum addons sections for updated versions of future.pak
Starting in 1974, this pickup truck hauls 8 tons of bulk goods.  It isn't fast, powerful, or big, but it will do the job for short runs from a coal mine to a power plant.  There is a trailer that pulls another 12 tons of bulk goods behind it.
Starting in 2010, development apparently began on anti-gravity drives for vehicles.  At the same time, short-distance matter-energy transportation was developed.  These are some vehicles using the new technology.  All of them hover above the ground at different heights and beam passengers aboard.  The first is the Hydrogen Hover Bus, based on the old PMNV Hydrogen Cruser.  It doesn't have much more speed or seating than other busses of this size, but it doesn't have wheels either.  It hovers close to the ground, so passengers get on and off using doors.  The second hover bus was the Hover Bus 128, based on the old PMNV Speed Bus 128.  Future busses and trains will not need doors.  Next is an articulated bus that holds passengers.  The next one is the Galilieo Shuttle, which holds passengers.  The next one is the Flying Saucer.  Because of its width, it is able to hold 400 passengers.  For large cities in the future, these will be needed to move people around quickly.  There is also a Hover Train, which can carry passengers and mail.  As seen in this screenshot, the front engine has a yellow headlight, and the rear engine has a red taillight.  The Hover Train can go up to 750 kph, but no track exists in the official 128 sets with that kind of speed limit.  My solution was to make a special track that has a max speed of 1000 kph.  This track is not pictured.  This makes the Hover Train the fastest train I've ever seen.  It can cross a standard-sized map in just a few seconds!
Make electric power for free in 128!  I made this Wind Mill Generator to resemble the one in the official 64x64 set.  Well, it isn't completely free.  You do have to pay a little on computer speed because it is animated!

Official Simutrans - 128 site:
Official Simutrans Forum and location of all new development, releases, and addons:

Height Maps
These maps should be extracted from the zip files and placed into the "save" folder or directory with the saved games.  When starting a new game, there is a button for "load heightmap".
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Saved Games for Simutrans
This is a small game that is not very well developed in goods transporting, but has all cities connected by bus, rail, and ship.  It is in the late 1950's.  This game was created in version 0.84.13 with the timeline turned on.
This game is another small map with only a few cities.  I started it in 1925 to make it more challenging.  It uses the updated pak set from 20 August 2004 and game version 0.84.14 with timeline turned on.  I will try to keep this game going as long as possible and upload updates of it.
An update of the previous game.  Much has changed in Tennessee with more industry development and passenger/mail transportation lines.
Now there is more passenger movement, and some attempts at canal building.  Ships are much cheaper to use than rail or road vehicles.  This will probably be the last update for this game, since the new pak set is incompatible for some reason that I have not determined yet.
TN 1    TN 2    TN 3
Despite having similar names, they are different worlds completely.  All industry chains are pretty well connected.  The problem I'm finding is getting all the passengers where they want to be.  One thing I've found to help profits is canal building and use ships in place of trucks and trains.
Game for 128
This is the first game I ever made past 1990!  It currently in 2007.  The amazing part is that it still works on my computer for some reason. :)  It is a small map, only 128.  Nothing special in it, but I have made wide use of power plants and electric lines.  It uses the newest version of simutrans (85.04.1) with the newest update of the 128 pak files, so it isn't going to work in the official versions.  I have been testing the new graphics on it.  I have a lot of Mack trucks moving around, although most of the trucks are 30 year old trucks that haven't been replaced yet.

These are all screenshots taken from the saved game above, Tennessee in the 1950's.  They were taken after that game was uploaded, so the towns have developed since then.  When you click on each picture, a new window will open.
One warning: These are all large images and may take a while to download on computers without high speed internet.  Several are over 500kb.








Screenshot of Bolivar
This town is from 1955. Bolivar now has passenger, mail, and goods service.




Copyright 2004.  Images may only be used by the official Simutrans developers.  Images may not be used by anyone else.  If the images are not used in the game, and they may not be, they must not be used.  If you would like me to draw something, please email me.
Simutrans developers: All images found on this page, and the Older Images page, can be used, reused, edited, or changed in any way needed for use in the game.  You do not need to contact me first.