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Older images

Once images are viewed, they are placed here.  Copyrights still apply as stated on the Buildings For Simutrans page.

Corrected High School
Corrected house
Three versions of a house.
Corrected buildings.
Two houses, nothing really different, new textures from MHz.  The new textures didn't work exactly as I expected, probably because of my cheap photo editing technology.
Two large buildings.
Two more sky scrapers.  Not as good as others made by MHz! :)
A hospital with an ambulance out front.
A small utility building for inside the city.
Three houses.
This is really two houses.  I wasn't sure about the car in the front of the middle one, so I added the version without the car.
Two more homes.
Several residential and commercial buildings.  Mostly large hotels and appartment buildings.
A grocery store.
A very large office building using parts of a building in the image set.  This building is not all mine.
Several small houses and a garage/auto repair shop.
More small to medium commercial buildings.
One large house and three larger buildings.
By fitting more than one house in a block, more people can fill the city.  Larger homes have more room inside to house larger families.
These are three houses.  Not sure how good they are.  I made some new bush texture to go on the ground where it meets the walls.  I bet you haven't seen a house with an outhouse lately.  It is really a tool/storage building.
These are four other houses.  They were all made to look very similar, but each has a different texture on walls and the roof, and the cars are different.


This is some buildings that have been checked for colors that shouldn't be where they are.  I had to cut it into two files.  You will also see some updates I made to the fast food place, the modern house, pink square, and grey building.



I was inspired by some new trees that were sent to me and made these 8 new buildings.  I even put some flowers in windows.


I have updated the mail ship to fix some color problems.  It only has one lit window now, I wouldn't expect the men to be in their rooms and awake at the same time, any way.


I have also created a goods version of the ship.  The boxes of goods are made in player colors.


4 new buildings.  One is a large, fancy house.  The next some type of apartment or office building.  Next is a higher appartment.  The last building is a large office building with a place for visitors to look around the city at the top (funny white thing).


3 more houses.  I tried some new things with the roof on these houses and apartment building.  This is the most complex roof I have been able to make so far.  I really like that red leaf tree, I hope its use isn't starting to get to be too much.


7 new buildings.  The first and last are both buildings of the future.  The first is an "I", Information Industries Tower.  Offices are only in the front because the rest of the building is completely run by computers, which need no light.  The last is a funny shaped thing.  Others are apartments.